Delegates at a training session being run by Christine Rose


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    Delegates at a training session being run by Christine Rose

    Christine delivers a full range of engaging, interactive and highly practical training events, tailored to meet your exact requirements. For a free consultation and / or free costed consultancy proposal, contact Christine here


    What makes Christine’s training events different?

    Christine’s training sessions are designed to inspire, motivate, encourage and support. She brings up-to-date knowledge of how to fully integrate and promote equality, diversity, inclusion and British values. She has helped thousands of staff improve their practice; senior leaders, managers, teachers, assessors, tutors, business support staff, governors and trustees.

    She uniquely combines an ability to inspire with extensive sector experience and in-depth knowledge of outstanding practice. Nationally recognised as an expert, her evaluations are consistently outstanding.


    What training courses are on offer?

    Regularly updated with the very latest findings from Ofsted and informed by best practice in the sector, below are her current ‘top twelve’ most popular courses.

    Click on the link below each course name to download a two-page publicity document containing course details, key objectives, target audience, training options and organisational benefits of running the event.

    Course 1
    Equality, Diversity, British Values and classroom practice

    Everything teaching staff need to know. 
    Download information

    Course 3
    Equality, Diversity, British Values and curriculum leadership

    Everything curriculum leads need to do. 
    Download information

    Course 5
    Actively tackling Unconscious Bias

    Outstanding teaching and learning.
    Download information

    Course 7
    Staff stress, mental health and well-being

    Steps and strategies to improve practice.
    Download information

    Course 9
    Equality, Diversity, British values and Business support staff  

    Excellent working relationships and customer care.
    Download information

    Course 11
    Equality, Diversity, British values and Inspection

    These feature highly in the April 2018 update. Be prepared.
    Download information


    Course 2
    Equality, Diversity, British Values and workplace learning

    A meaningful rather than tokenistic or tick-box approach.
    Download information

    Course 4
    Taking Risks, Facilitating controversial discussions

    Preparing learners as active and respectful citizens in society. 
    Download information

    Course 6
    Actively tackling Unconscious Bias

    Improving the staff experience.
    Download information

    Course 8
    Learners with mental health difficulties

    Outstanding support, dismantling barriers, improving inclusion.
    Download information

    Course 10
    Equality, Diversity, British values and Governance

    Everything clerks, governors and trustees need to know.
    Download information

    Course 12
    LGBandT equality

    Fostering good relations, Tackling trans and homophobia.
    Download information



    Workshops on meeting legal equality duties
    Christine provides workshops on meeting legal requirements, for example 'Carrying out Equality Impact Assessments (EIA), meeting the Public Sector Equality Duty'. The EIA process helps demonstrate 'due regard'. Download information

    Workshops on specific areas of equality and diversity
    Christine provides workshops on specific areas of equality, diversity and inclusion, such as religion, race or disability equality. For example, you can download information about 'Improving disability equality, improving practice, providing outstanding support' Download information

    Workshops tailored to specific audiences
    Christine provides workshops tailored to specific audiences, for example 'Equality, Diversity, British values and HR - what does it mean to promote these aspects from an HR perspective? Download information


    Can’t see the right training course for your organisation?

    Christine has an extensive portfolio of training courses that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organisation.

    Many sessions can be delivered as 90 minute, 2 hour or half-day workshops or as a ‘train the trainer’ event. Christine is happy to develop completely bespoke training events for your organisation.

    If you would like to get in touch with Christine to discuss your requirements or to receive a free costed training proposal for you to consider, click here >


    What do clients say about Christine’s training events?

    Here's some of the feedback Christine’s received from clients over the past ten years:

    ‘Christine came to our College to deliver Equality Training for our Curriculum staff. We received excellent feedback from staff, Christine was not only knowledgeable, but able to put across in an engaging delivery style the subject matter. I would have no hesitation in recommending her for any organisation wanting to make a difference’.
    Greg Wood, Staff Development Manager, Leicester College

    ‘The work you have done for us has been a tremendous success and personally i have learnt the value of finding a consultant who is not only an expert in their field but also familiar with and skilled in handling a College staff such as ours. In the six years I have been at BHASVIC I have never known such a positive response from our staff’.
    Christopher Thomson, Principal, Brighton Hove and Sussex Sixth Form College

    ‘Dr Rose is the expert in her field and the best I have come across in the field of diversity in further education. Her knowledge and approach always engage her audiences’.
    Anna Openshaw, Director HR, College North West London

    ‘Dr Christine's training is of the highest quality within this field and has been invaluable in ensuring best practice is promoted within Bournville College’.
    Shelley Phelan, E&D Manager, Bournville College

    ‘Christine is an outstanding trainer who has a thorough knowledge of her subject. The training sessions that she has delivered received excellent feedback from our staff and had a very positive impact. I am very happy to recommend Christine as a high quality trainer’.
    James Myhill, Head of HR and Professional Development, Great Yarmouth College

    And here are just a few of the numerous positive comments on Christine's training evaluation forms

    ‘Insightful, thought provoking, reflective. Enjoyed every minute’.
    Richard Deane, Assistant Principal (and Ofsted Associate Inspector), The Sheffield College

    ‘Lots of real life scenarios demonstrated genuine knowledge of trainer’.
    Julie Osbourne City Bristol College

    ‘Absolutely brilliant! This event was full of info and ideas’.
    Tamasine Penford, West Notts College

    ‘A wonderful interactive event run by a very friendly and extremely competent trainer’.
    James Levy West Notts College

    ‘Mixture of group work, presentation and stimulus material was outstanding. Excellent training’.
    Jenny Car, Assistant Principal, Rochdale VI Form College

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