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    ‘You don’t look disabled’

    Did you know that many people believe ‘real’ disability can be seen and anyone not visibly impaired is not really a disabled person? Even though seventy percent of people’s impairments are unseen? Do your managers and team leaders know how disability discrimination can occur in the workplace, what they should do about it and how they can reduce the chances of further discrimination? Two new guides might help

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    Do your staff experience discrimination and diversity issues? How do you know?

    Did you know that over the past year, the Acas helpline has dealt with nearly 50,000 calls on discrimination and diversity issues in the workplace? Do you know where discrimination is most likely to arise in the workplace? Are your staff confident in dealing with allegations of discrimination? Are you aware of new free guides from Acas to help employers and managers get to grips with these issues?

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    Gender pay gap persists for female university leaders

    Did you know that women in university leadership positions are paid between 5 and 11 per cent less than men in equivalent jobs? Did you know that the average gender pay gap in an organisation is between 15 and 20 per cent? Have you published equality objectives to tackle your gender pay gap? If not, why not?

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    Managing mental health issues in the workplace

    Would your managers be confident to approach a member of staff if they believed that the staff member had mental health difficulties? Speaking to a member of staff about their mental health can be very challenging for a manager or a work colleague – did you know that ACAS has just published some ‘top tips’ that might help?

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    Good workplace practices can spot and resolve mental health issues 

    How confident are you that your managers support effectively their staff with mental health difficulties such as stress? Have you trained managers to understand how to deal with mental health problems and how to spot issues? Is there a fear of doing or saying the wrong thing? Did you know that a new report provides examples of how to get it right?

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