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    Are your cleaners an invisible part of your workforce?

    Research and guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission stresses the need to improve working conditions for cleaners, raise awareness of employment rights and establish more responsible procurement practices. How does your practice shape up?

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    Legal challenge to ‘Go Home’ vans pilot

    Did you see the ‘Go Home’ advert on vans, calling for illegal immigrants to ‘Go Home’? Did you find it offensive? Was the advert legal?

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    Immigration and the influence of the media

    When you hear the words immigration, asylum seekers, and refugees, what words come into your mind? What do you think are the most common words used in national newspapers when reporting on issues of immigration, asylum seekers and refugees?

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    Misconceptions about refugees

    In August 2012, the Employability Forum published a report on children’s attitudes to refugees, based on research from Refugees into Schools. The report identifies that there is widespread confusion and misconception about the numbers of refugees in the UK, their impact on services and the reasons for their arrival; many children believe that asylum seekers and refugees are illegal immigrants.

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