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    Entries in British Values (21)


    Spotlight on new training

    Ofsted expect tutors to have the knowledge and confidence to discuss sensitive and controversial issues to help prepare learners for life in Britain’s complex multicultural society. This year I have developed a new staff training workshop ‘Promoting British values, taking Risks, facilitating Controversial discussions’

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    Promoting British values – what key challenges remain?

    Equality, diversity and British values continue to feature highly in the April 2018 inspection handbook update. Many organisations have made good progress in integrating and promoting Equality, diversity and British values to help prepare learners as responsible citizens in society. But inspection outcomes show that there are still key challenges for colleges and workplace learning providers. Do you know what these are? And more importantly, what are you doing about them? Interested in finding out what others are doing to tackle these challenges?

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    Reflecting back on 2017, are there lessons to learn?

    As we hurtle rapidly towards the end of 2017, perhaps now is a good time to reflect back on the year and on our progress in achieving a fair and just society where all are treated with dignity and respect. The awful attacks in Manchester and London, and the tragic Grenfell Tower fire have left an indelible mark. Sexual harassment returned to the headlines following a number of allegations against stars of showbiz and politicians. Trump repeatedly invokes controversy; his latest activity has been to retweet anti-Muslim propaganda by UK’s far-right ‘Britain First’ party. Are there any lessons from all of this for education providers?

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    Spotlight on training – Unconscious Bias, Culture and Respect

    Do tutors understand the impact of unconscious bias on teaching and learning? Do all staff realise that promoting British values must involve tackling unconscious bias if they are to help prepare learners thoroughly for life in Britain’s complex, multicultural society? Do leaders appreciate the ‘bystander effect’ which can prevent the effective tackling of discriminatory attitudes and behaviours? What training have you proved?

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    Outstanding practice in Equality, Diversity and British Values in WorkPlace Learning - Dates for your diaries

    What's the event about? For many providers, apprenticeships is a growth area, yet they often ‘behind’ in integrating and promoting E&D and British values when comparing workplace to classroom-based learning. This workshop focuses specifically on workplace learning. It explores all areas of the learner journey, for example IAG, sign up (enrolment), induction, performance analysis, assessment visits and progress reviews. It explains how assessors and other staff involved in workplace learning can genuinely raise awareness and promote E&D and British values, rather than take a tokenistic or ‘tick-box’ approach.

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