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    Staff training and development

    As the summer term approaches, many providers turn their thoughts to the training that staff might need. Have you sorted out your staff training and development plans? Interested in finding out what other colleges are requesting?

    As the summer term approaches, many providers are identifying staff training workshops to meet staff development needs. I have been inundated with staff training requests – here are five of my most popular training workshops that have already been booked:

    Taking risks, facilitating controversial discussions

    This workshop helps address inspector observations that too many staff are reluctant to take risks and instead ‘play it safe’ rather than deliver creative and innovative lessons and tutorials.

    Actively tackling unconscious bias

    This workshop helps staff to understand the impact of unconscious bias on teaching and learning and the student experience. It explores how unconscious bias can be actively tackled to create an inclusive ethos and culture and a work and learning environment where all thrive.

    Promoting British values in workplace learning

    This workshop explains how workplace tutors and other staff involved in workplace learning can genuinely raise awareness and promote E&D and British values, for example during progress reviews and training visits, rather than take a tokenistic or ‘tick-box’ approach

    Supporting learners with mental health difficulties

    Equipping staff with the skills to recognise signs of mental health difficulties continues to be a priority. This workshop also explores the practical strategies to ensure sensitive, responsive and effective support for these learners.

    Equality, diversity, British values and curriculum leadership

    This workshop provides clarity on the practical implications for integrating and promoting equality, diversity and British values in teaching and learning. It helps support curriculum leads to become effective ‘change agents’ for their area.


    Interested in finding out more?

    My training sessions are designed to inspire, motivate, encourage and support and I have helped thousands of staff improve their practice. You can find further information on these workshops on the training page of my website below. Get in touch if you are interested in me delivering training at your organisation.

    Get in touch if you are interested in me delivering training at your organisation. You can contact me on the contact page of my website

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