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    Entries in EHRC/GEO (19)


    New Religion and belief guidance

    Is it harassment if an employee talks freely about religion and belief? How might organisations be held responsible if staff express their views on social media? If a student claims he is a Jedi knight, would he be covered by the legislation? What steps should employers take when handling employee requests? Would new guidance help?

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    Are your polish students experiencing hate crime?

    There have been rising incidents of hate crime against Polish people since the EU referendum. Are your students experiencing hate crime? How do you know? What are you doing about it?

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    How do education providers help tackle hate crime and prejudice?

    Police are reporting a substantial increase in hate crime following the recent referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union. Education providers are not immune - unions and staff in schools, colleges and universities are also reporting a spike in the number of racist and xenophobic incidents, for example. But what are the causes and motivations of hate crime? Can two new reports published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission provide evidence and insight on hate crime and hate speech, how prejudice leads to discrimination and unlawful behaviour and the role of education providers in tackling this issue?

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    Are your job adverts inadvertently discriminating?

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has warned that thousands of people could be at risk of being denied jobs each year due to unlawful, discriminatory adverts. What about your recruitment adverts? Would new guidance from the EHRC help you to double check legal compliance?

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    Are you on track to publish new four-year equality objectives by 6 April 2016? 

    Your new four-year equality objectives must be published by 6 April 2016. When the Equality and Human Rights Commission sampled college websites, they found that not all had published their equality objectives, and for those that had, a significant number were not legally compliant. For example, many were not sufficiently specific or measurable. What will your new equality objectives look like?

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