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    Entries in Equality Act 2010 (29)


    Taking the lead in E&D

    Do you have a lead role in E&D in your organisation? How confident are you on the requirements of the Equality Act 2010? For example, would you know what types of discrimination can be justified and what types cannot? What the main applications of the Act are for education providers? What the 11 key requirements of the specific duties of the Public Sector Equality Duty are (12 if you live in Wales)? Would new guidance from the Equality and Human Rights Commission help?

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    Will you be ready to publish your new four-year equality objectives by 6th April 2016?

    One of the specific duties of the Equality Act 2010 requires colleges and universities to publish equality objectives by April 2012 and then every 4 years. Which means that your next set must be published by April 2016. Are you ready?

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    How robust are your equality information and objectives? 

    Did you know that voluntary organisations can challenge you and hold you to account on how you are meeting your duties to publish equality objectives and equality information? For example, did you know that voluntary organisations can alert the Equality and Human Rights Commission about concerns if they believe that you are not to be meeting your legal duties, and can apply for a judicial review?

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    Publishing equality information due Jan 2015

    Education providers need to publish their equality and diversity report on an annual basis. Your latest report should be published on your website by the end Jan 2015. But how compliant is your publication against the legal duties? Have you included your progress in meeting your equality objectives, and your approach to assess the impact of your work, for example your approach to carrying out equality impact assessments?

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    Is banning staff from having a ‘visible’ tattoo discrimination?

    'Heavily inked stars such as Rihanna and David Beckham have led a huge rise in the popularity of tatoos’ reported the Evening Standard on 25 Sept 2014. But how do you decide on the suitability of tattoos in the workplace? Are there any equality rights for having a tattoo? Are employers entitled to ask staff to ensure tattoos are not visible? How do we balance rights between a professional image and a socially diverse workforce?

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