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    Entries in Discrimination (23)


    Had their cake and eat it?

    What do you think about the Supreme Court ruling this month that a Christian baker did not have to make a cake with the message ‘support gay marriage’? Discrimination? Or a victory for article 10 of the European convention on human rights?

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    Landmark ruling on exclusion of disabled students

    Students whose disability impacts on their behaviour are now better protected from discrimination, following a landmark ruling. Are your staff clear on how to ensure discrimination doesn’t take place when managing a learner’s behaviour that might be linked to their disability?

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    Tackling prejudice-based bullying

    Did you know that 54% of young people have been bullied at some point during their time at school or college? What are the experiences of your students? Would a new resource help you to evaluate your practice?

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    Primark faces £47K bill for transgender discrimination

    An employment tribunal has told Primark to adopt a policy on how to deal with transgender staff after it found an employee was discriminated against in relation to gender reassignment. Do you have a policy in place? And if yes, does it cover language, loos, complaints and confidentiality? How would your policy prevent the discrimination experienced by the Primark employee? Do the experiences of your trans employees or students match the profound discrimination experienced by trans people that has just been highlighted in a new Stonewall report?

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    £347,000 compensation for a teacher experiencing disability-related discrimination

    A teacher with a bipolar mental health difficulty has been awarded £347,000 after a school failed to make reasonable adjustments and caused her to experience discrimination related to her disability. Identifying and implementing reasonable adjustments for disabled staff and managing performance – how does your practice shape up?

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