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    Entries in Harassment (14)


    Banter v Harassment

    An employment tribunal has found that office banter culture meant "fat ginger pikey" comment did not amount to harassment. Why?

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    Student awarded £16k in sexual harassment case

    A 17-year-old student receptionist at a Pizza Hut Delivery branch in east London has been awarded £15,800 after winning a claim of sexual harassment. This case raises interesting challenges for education and training providers when organising for their students, work experience, work placements or apprenticeship programmes. For example, how do you carry out a robust E&D assessment of practice for new employers that you engage with, in the same way that you carry out a health and safety assessment of practice? How do you communicate your vision, values and expectations in relation to equality and diversity with employers? How do you get feedback from students on their experience in relation to E&D?

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    Tackling prejudice-based bullying

    Did you know that 54% of young people have been bullied at some point during their time at school or college? What are the experiences of your students? Would a new resource help you to evaluate your practice?

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    Sexual harassment in the workplace

    What safeguards do you have in place to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? How would your anti-harassment policy compare to best practice in the sector?

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    Reflecting back on 2017, are there lessons to learn?

    As we hurtle rapidly towards the end of 2017, perhaps now is a good time to reflect back on the year and on our progress in achieving a fair and just society where all are treated with dignity and respect. The awful attacks in Manchester and London, and the tragic Grenfell Tower fire have left an indelible mark. Sexual harassment returned to the headlines following a number of allegations against stars of showbiz and politicians. Trump repeatedly invokes controversy; his latest activity has been to retweet anti-Muslim propaganda by UK’s far-right ‘Britain First’ party. Are there any lessons from all of this for education providers?

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