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    Entries in Ethnicity (7)


    Double discrimination: Trans and BAME

    Your staff might support trans students well, and the same might be said for students from ethnic minority backgrounds. But would your staff know how best to support a student who is both trans and from an ethnic minority background? Would new guidance help?

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    Supporting ethnic minority young people from education into work

    Considerable improvements in educational attainment among ethnic minority groups – particularly students from African and Bangladeshi backgrounds, have not been matched by sustained progress in the labour market. What success have you achieved to support students from ethnic minority backgrounds to progress to employment?

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    Are your minority ethnic and disabled students getting less from their HE experience?

    A report from the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU) has shown that students get less from their HE experience if they are from a minority ethnic group or a disabled student. This attainment gap widens for mature students. How do your students fare?

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    Is race hate speech always race hate speech?

    Is it ever ok to use the ‘N’ word, ‘P’ word, ‘Y’ word? Can a community ‘reclaim’ a word that has been used against them in the past as a term of abuse? Do you and your staff agree with David Cameron that using the word is ok if its use is not motivated by hate?

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    Forced marriage, violence against women, sexual exploitation; new research reports and guidance

    Would your staff know how to respond to forced marriage or violence against women? Would your staff fall into the trap of thinking that sexual exploitation is just about Asian offenders targeting White girls? Does your organisation run information campaigns to raise awareness and help staff to know how to address these issues? Read new research reports and guidance on these problems

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