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    Are you using positive action to address gender segregated apprenticeships?

    Did you know that positive action is chronically under-utilised, which in turn is acting as a barrier to addressing the under-representation of women within certain apprenticeships such as engineering and construction? Did you know that part of the reason for this is confusion on between positive action and positive discrimination? Would new guidance help?

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    TIMES UP – have you published your gender pay gap? How sound is your data? 

    All organisations employing 250 people or more should have published their gender pay gap. But some have filed mathematically impossible figures. Others have filed figures that look suspect. Have you published your gender pay gap? How sound is your data?

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    On track to meet the deadline to publish gender equality gap information?

    Will you meet the 30 March 2018 deadline to publish your gender equality gap information? And if you are ready to publish, is there a danger that you might have your sums wrong? Do you realise that the Equality and Human Rights Commission might take enforcement measures if you don’t comply with the new regulations?

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    Sexual harassment in the workplace

    What safeguards do you have in place to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace? How would your anti-harassment policy compare to best practice in the sector?

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    Sexual harassment – are our learners in the workplace safe?

    Did you know that half of women say they have been sexually harassed at work - and most admit to not reporting it? Are your staff confident to report it if it happens to them? Are your workplace learners safe in their place of employment? Do you know the top ten myths on sex discrimination? Did you know that Acas have released new guidance on what constitutes sexual harassment, in response to the high-profile cases of abuse and allegations of inappropriate behaviour and sexual attacks by stars of showbiz?

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