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    Changes to the way Ofsted inspects and reports

    The new Ofsted inspection framework came into force on the 1 September. Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) and British Values continues to feature highly, permeating all four key judgements. Fully integrating and promoting EDI and British values is therefore an essential part of your journey to outstanding and beyond – to be the ‘best of the best’. Are you ready?

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    The new 2019 inspection framework and E&D and British values.

    The new inspection framework has been published. What are the implications for Equality, Diversity (E&D) and British values (BV)? What are the consequences for integrating E&D and BV in the new Quality of Education judgement? What evidence do you have that you are offering a curriculum that is broad, rich and deep? The inclusion of ‘character development’ is a significant step – what are the practical implications for providers? How have you evaluated the range, quality and take-up of extra-curriculum activities that are offered? What if you have reduced enrichment and tutorial activities and opportunities in comparison to the past? Do tutors have the knowledge and confidence to discuss sensitive topics? Do they take advantage of what is going on in the world? How have you evaluated the quality of debate and discussions that take place with learners? How are you nurturing the principles of equality and diversity to create and maintain a positive and respectful ethos and culture? Do you have a ‘hierarchy’ where, for example, where some aspects of bullying or prejudiced and discriminatory behavior are tackled more effectively than others? What training and CPD activities do you need to develop to ensure sufficient staff skills, knowledge and expertise? Has the bar been raised by the new inspection framework?

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    Is your promotion of British values outstanding?

    Many providers have good practice in promoting British values. But do you have what it takes to be outstanding? How does your practice compare with the ‘best of the best’? What common issues do Inspectors continue to identify?

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    2019 Inspection Framework and E&D and British values

    September 2019 is likely to see the introduction of a new inspection framework. What are the potential changes and what are the potential implications for E&D and British values?

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